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I’ll probably keep going back and forth when it comes to this for quite some time so please do forgive me. For the TV series, I’m going to stick to the ones I believe are worth watching. Which doesn’t cut a whole lot of shows out but there is just this need to rebuild this blog to as close of a state to what the old one was. That is the main reason I keep saying I’m not going to spam this blog with old stuff, yet I’m just not used to going to my pages for movies and TV shows and them being so empty. It doesn’t feel right and if you read any reviews thus far, you know how I am about my feelings (XoX).

So I’ll schedule TV series from the archive probably randomly. I’m going to finish Sword Art Online this weekend, however. For while season 2 was kinda meh compared to season 1, I still have a fondness for the show.

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