Birthday Card (EW)

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Birthday Card - EW

Little *Name Redacted* with a name like a flower, how much have you grown. Lilies weep as they see you grow older, for they know not only do you have places to go, but you’ll take the life you give with your presence. However, even angels can’t keep their own to themselves. They must give us humans, and those who descended from the fallen, light to reach for. Not the light at the end of the tunnel that is said to come before death, but rather salvation. So though in life many may get to experience you may not get to hold onto you, don’t think they were anything but thankful for even the shortest of visits.

For on this day we celebrate your creation and the mark you left on our lives. Maybe for selfish reasons, looking for your attention once more, but essentially we all want to give thanks to you and the gods for deciding to bring joy and affection to our sometimes miserable lives.

So on behalf of the stars, the earth and all those in between,


Happy Birthday.

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